Skywater Seamless Aluminium Gutters has built a solid reputation in the Cape Town and surrounding Peninsula for listening to the customer, incorporating aesthetics and getting the job done right the first time.  Where other gutter companies only do gutters and down pipes, Skywater calmly and efficiently takes on Fascia, Bargeboards, Eaves, Cladding, Leaf Guard, Gutter Guard and Splash-plate, maintenance and repairs.

We believe that the gutters on your home should be ‘The Ribbon on the Package.’


Aluminium Guttering

Skywater seamless aluminium gutters are custom made and fitted on-site by our manufacture and installation team.

Rain Capture

As the drought continues, we ensure that not a drop of precious rain water goes to waste thanks to our storage tanks and gutters.

Grey Water

Our systems ensure that water in and around your home is re-used, from your bath and kitchen to your garden. 


We love the fact that a good-looking part of your home can also work hard to help lower your water consumption.

Skywater was born out of a passion for helping people harvest rainwater. Our rainwater capture systems are far more than just a tank at the back of the house.

We developed and manufacture the adjustable Skywater GutterGuard.

We designed and redesigned the Skywater Downpipe Filter until we were happy that something that works hard, doesn’t have to be hard on the eye.

If you want to capture rainwater, your project is our passion.